Praise is a verbal expression of gratitude to God. It is also an act of worship. It is easy to praise God when our lives are going smoothly and according to plan.

Praising God regardless of what is going on in our lives is not only an act of worship but also a declaration of faith and trust in God. Praise does not ignore the facts of our current situations, what praise does is to magnify God over our situations. God is never overwhelmed by any situation and is beyond capable of taking care of every situation that arises in our lives.

Praising God in the storms of life which could be in sickness, in pain, while grieving over the loss of a loved one or a setback is a bold declaration of faith in the One who is the author and finisher of our faith. Life comes with twists and turns without a warning but one thing that is certain is we have a God who will always carry us through the storms of life. We can always praise God in confidence over His sovereign will for our lives which will always work out for good at the end.

The Lord is my strength and my [impenetrable] shield; My heart trusts [with unwavering confidence] in Him and I am helped; Therefore, my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I shall thank Him and Praise Him.

-Psalm 28:7, Amplified Bible

The key to thanking God through the storms of life is to count our blessings each day and be thankful. A thankful heart will always praise God in all situations.

Knowing that God loves us so much that by Himself, He paid the ultimate price for our redemption gives us more confidence in His preserving power through the storms that are subject to His overruling authority. The storms of life might come with mighty winds, but God is mightier, and the winds are under His command [Mark 4:39]. The underlying question for us all is, are we really thankful for God’s provision and preservation every day even when things do not go our way? Some may say, “Oh, you don’t know my story!” The clear answer is, if you are alive to tell your story, God is worthy to be praised because He is the one who sends help our way through the love of family and friends, the acts of kindness by perfect strangers, church, and other support groups. We alienate ourselves from the much-needed help when we blame God or others for our troubles.

Praising God even when we do not fully understand why we are going through what we are going through deals with the burdens we carry and helps us not to sink into the sea of depression.

Dear Friend, God always responds to our cry for help! Have you handed over your situation to Him yet? Do it now, you have nothing to lose. If you have done so already, open your mouth, lift up your hands to God above all. Let the voice of your praise resound over every raging storm in your life because the Lord is your strength and your impenetrable shield, He will take you to the safe harbor. This too shall come to pass. Your heart will gain wisdom and greatly rejoice as you continue the journey of life and faith.