In a world of fast changing values where sound values are being eroded and boundaries of what is sane and acceptable is constantly shifted, we all need something that is concrete and real. We need someone that has been tested and can be trusted to guide and lead us. We all need that “voice” that will lead and guide us in truth in all things that pertains to life and godly standards.

The enemy of our soul wants to only to steal our joy, kill our hunger for God and destroy our lives but Jesus came so we can receive , enjoy and abide in the abundance of life that only He can give John 10:10

God is always speaking to us, wanting to guide and lead us securely and safely in the tested and trusted path that leads to a peace and joyful life regardless of the chaos or unfolding all around us each day.
Jesus is the Good Shephard, His own hears His voice John 10:11

The voice we pay attention to and the path we choose to walk in determines the course of our lives with eternal consequences. God wants us to walk in the old, tested and trusted path that will stand the test of time. We do ourselves a great service when we learn to shut other conflicting voices and listen to the still small voice of Jesus, the Good Shephard. He will never deceive us or lead us astray, He always leads to the safe harbor. He is the one that calms the stormy seas of life and preserves our lives for His purpose to be fulfilled. Jesus is the one that helps us navigate the twists and turns in our journey of life and faith.

If we all stand still and listen, we will hear the voice of God speaking to our hearts to earnestly and diligently inquire about the ancient paths which is the good way so that we can walk in it and find rest for our souls Jeremiah 6:16a&b.