“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for His friends”

John 15:13

We all love stories with happy endings! We read about them and love to watch movies about love stories. We laugh, cry, and take sides with the characters. The world loves to celebrate love, and the 14th of February celebrated by so many cultures, was born as a day to remember and celebrate human love preceded by divine love.

The most selfless and greatest love story ever told and worth remembering as we celebrate the love of our lives, family and friends, is the eternal redeeming love of God through Christ Jesus.

He made the choice to first love us while we were unlovable and undeserving of His sacrifice for our sins. He willingly became our Redeemer and Savior by dying on the cross for our transgressions so we could have peace and a right standing with God. 

Jesus continues to stretch His loving arms all day long in every season of our lives calling us to a meaningful life of peace and joy the world cannot give and will never be capable of giving us. He is the most rejected and scorned lover of our souls and the giver of life.  He is ignored by the very ones He made the ultimate sacrifice for. Yet, He is unwavering in His love and keeps waiting. Waiting to be heard. We grieve him by the foolish choices we make each day when His divine and infinite wisdom in our affairs is there for our asking. We do not ask because we think we know it all, but we obviously do not. We expect Him to fall in line with our plans rather than aligning our lives to His perfect plan for our lives. We start out every day sometimes without a thought or word to Him after He watched us through the night keeping us safe. We get distracted when spending time with Him. We allow mundane thoughts and matters to disrupt our fellowship with Him. We demand answers to our wills and prayers even if it is not His will for us and throw tantrums like little spoilt children when we do not have their way. Yet, He remains faithful and true for He can not deny Himself though there are times we denied Him to be socially acceptable.

We forget that life is a gift and salvation the greatest gift and miracle of all. We blame Him for our woes forgetting that man has a choice to choose right or wrong and the state of the world is the consequences of our choices and actions. We call His Holy name in the most disrespectful manner but His mercy prevails for in His name multitudes are saved, delivered and healed each day. He remains when everyone becomes disgusted with the mess we have made of our lives. He cleans out the mess again and again even when we return to our mess like a dog who eats his own vomit. Jesus is the one that stays though we often regard the blessings more than He who gives the blessings and the gifts of life more than the giver of life and the gifts. Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is the greatest love of all and needs to be celebrated everyday of our lives, for without Him, there will be no loved ones to celebrate in our lives. Jesus is our forever happy ending!