We all love to see answers to prayers, we feel loved when we know others are praying for us!

The call to pray without ceasing is for every believer in Jesus Christ. The response to pray for  family and friends, for other people, intercede for our nation and the nations of the earth is an outflow of God’s love and compassion poured into our hearts. Thessalonians Chapter 5 verse 17 enjoins us to pray without ceasing which means that we should not desist from praying! The question is how do we apply this scripture in our everyday life that has so many things wanting our attention? How do we literally “disengage” from our life activities and from the crowd to keep praying? The answer is we do not necessarily have to disengage, though the place of solitude in prayer is very essential to all.

It is the spirit man enabled by the Holy Spirit of God working in and through us that empowers us to pray without ceasing even while engrossed in the activities of life. The consciousness of what and who we are praying for or supposed to be praying for is deeply impressed in our hearts and spirits all the time. A thought, a sigh, a groan of anguish and words are translated to prayers out of the depths of our spirit man as we drive, cook, are engaged in conversations or other life activities because it is the spirit man that can pray without ceasing. Our spiritual tentacles are sharpened to the situations and unfolding events all around us. The urge to suddenly pray is not a by chance occurrence, it is the Holy Spirit of God prompting us to say a quick prayer or go in solitude to pray.

“Likewise, The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what to pray for as we should, but The Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.”
-Romans 8:26

Praying without ceasing can become the reality of our lives each day when we carry the consciousness of God and His purpose on earth in our hearts as we engage in the affairs of life. Prayer should be an integral conscious part of our daily lives not just a small part of it because having this perspective changes our understanding about how we can really pray without ceasing in the midst of the busy activities of life and also in solitude. Knowing we already gave a helper in the Holy Spirit, who is never weary or goes to sleep should motivate us to yield our spirit man and hearts to prayer. Ask for God’s help to be relentless in praying for others and walk in the consciousness of this divine reality each day. The truth is every believer can pray without ceasing. The reality is engaging the spirit man to pray without ceasing is not just for prayer warriors.