He is that light that shines through even in the darkest of times. He gives us a fresh start when we cry out to Him. Hope is very vital to our existence on earth. It is a deep tangible feeling of desire with anticipation. It is to want something to happen in our lives and situations for our good. 

God given hope is the confident expectation of what He has promised and His faithfulness to complete that work. God directly speaks to the hopeless in the following verse among several others in our shared life resource, the Bible.

“For I know the thoughts that I have for you, declares the LORD, thoughts for peace  and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”

Jeremiah 29:11

Man enters a perpetual state of desolation without hope. Hope keeps us going even when everything looks bleak. What a blessed assurance to know that God is thinking of us and will always come through for us even when family and friends let us down. He is that friend that sticks around closer than a brother even when we are not the best version of ourselves.
Yes, we can hope against all odds that our hope will be fulfilled throughout our journey of life and faith. Jesus is the blessed hope that never puts to shame. He is our redeemer and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow for all eternity. He is the unchanging constant that we all can place our hope and aspirations in a fast changing uncertain world. He is our certainty and surety for life! 

God offers peace to us so that hope can be restored, and the joy of living can be rekindled. Life is a precious gift that is meant to be shared and meaningful. We cannot have meaningful lives if we are disconnected to God, our very life source. Making peace with God is the first step to receiving and nurturing hope. There is hope and a future for the most sinful person, those rejected, abused, battered, shattered, and denied justice. The possibilities for new beginnings are endless in Christ Jesus. He is the shining light in a dark world!

There is good news for you if  feel all alone, helpless, and hopeless right now, overwhelmed by life, addictions, and lack of visible prospects. Life might have dealt you some bitter cards, people you love, looked up to and trusted might have betrayed your sacred trust. God is very interested in you! He is calling you to a life of peace with him, a walk of faith and hope right now! He wants to pick up and walk with every step of the way each day. He wants to restore hope to you, and He wants to you to bring your broken hearts, the broken promises, and the shattered lives for a new beginning that only He can give through Jesus Christ. He wants to walk with you in your darkest night and bring you into the light of His unwavering love and strength for your weaknesses to conquer and overcome hopelessness, life situations and addictions.

There is hope for the hopeless because God exchanges our ashes with beauty and the oil of joy for our despair with His given hope that is fulfilled.