“Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

-Matthew 19:14
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The particular words of Jesus in the above quoted scripture should ring in our hearts everyday whether we are parents, foster parents, caregivers or adults without our own biological children. We can generally relate to children because we were all children who grew up to be teens and adults. Children are a blessing regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Every child is valuable in the eyes of God.

Children are a delight to behold and should be protected from harmful situations within their families or in the larger society. Every child should be given love and the opportunity to know that that there is a God that loves them irrespective of their family circumstances.

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Jesus went further to declare that unless we turn and become like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven [Matthew 18:1-3]. What was Jesus referring to concerning our spiritual walk evidenced in our daily lives? Jesus was referring to the natural attributes of children who are loving, trusting, devoid of malice or guile.  God seeks a childlike faith and trust in us. He wants us to be expectant like little children. We have a tendency, as adults to become cynical with age while a child is yet to be engrossed with the cares of live. Spending time around our children or reaching out to other children reminds us of the things that matters in our relationship with God and in life.

Reaching out to children whose parents are incarcerated or from disadvantaged homes is a blessing in itself! It is wrapped up in love with a mission to break the vicious circle of poverty and a repeat pattern in families. All that is required is a willing heart filled with empathy and consistent action born out of a commitment  to reach out to the most vulnerable in our communities and to protect them from harmful situations. Please look around you and make that satisfying decision today to reach out to a child in need in your neighborhood, in your community or partner with us in this lifelong commitment. Be that vital channel through which a child somewhere in need can experience the love of God. Do not despise or think less of these little ones for the eyes of their angels in heaven continually look upon the face of God [Matthew18:10].