We live in a time where events that impact or drastically change lives are unfolding in rapid successions.  The disruption of our daily activities at the height of the pandemic came with a vital life lesson for every one of us. For instance, we learned that our human connections through work, meeting to worship together, spending time with family members, friends and coworkers were more essential to our overall spiritual and mental wellbeing much more than we thought. 

In the light of this simple and timeless truth, we cannot afford to take anything or anyone for granted if we have done so before as we all strive to normalizing our lives. In the midst of the confusing events and news stories, people are finding the necessary connection through the reality of God’s presence that is greater than unfolding events, through our shared faith that gives hope in the face of hopelessness.  

The words of Mordecai in the book of Esther chapter 4:13-14 speaks to us today as followers of Christ and oasis of hope in times like this.  Indeed, it is for a time as this, that we have been built up, equipped to be fruitful in every in the work of the ministry of our Lord, Jesus. It is for a time like this, that our spiritual antennas are being sharpened to hear the silent groanings of men, women and children. It is for such a time like this that we must speak with for the voiceless. In these times, we have to stand in unity to proclaim and present the timeless truth of the gospel to a world that does not realize it truly needs it to heal and be whole. 
In times like these, people’s hearts are seeking for true healing and a sound support system that endures. A sound support system that does not take God out of the equation is the only one that stands the test of time. The need to see people with a new lens and a depth of understanding that can come only from a deepening sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, has become very expedient in fulfilling our call to proclaim the timeless message of God’s love while serving our communities in simple and vital ways. 

The challenges and daily obstacles presented to us are opportunities in disguise to for others to experience God’s love and grace through us. In times like these, as we walk in selfless love and hold on to the doctrine of Jesus Christ which is the only doctrine that will endure forever, we will be drawn out from our comfort zones in reaching out in fruitful ways to those who are yet to share or understand the reason for our faith, hope and joy in world that seems to be falling apart.  
Through new lenses, we can truly see the opportunities presented to us to be part of that wholesome support system people truly need to rebuild their lives on Jesus, the sure foundation. In these times, time has become more precious and more of a rare commodity to trade carelessly for the things that do not really matter. What is certain for all mankind is that God has not changed His ongoing plan for our redemption.  

In times like these, lets embrace one another in God’s peculiar love, abide in His unending grace and reach out to others in that same love and strength. We are not meant to walk alone through the journey of life and faith especially in times like these. It is in times like this we should be abiding in Christ together to fellowship and be more supportive to people through the twists and turns that life brings. 
This is time to actively and collectively proclaiming His good news tirelessly by His grace with the end goal of building faith and bringing hope for beautiful new beginnings for those feeling lost and hopeless in an increasingly. 

Scriptural Reference NRSV Updated Edition©2021.