The following is the 2020 end of year report for LifeHouse Ministries.

LifeHouse Ministries was formally incorporated on April 2, 2020 and granted a tax exempt status on October 29, 2020 after three years of informal ministry activities with the sum total of $847.95 through Legal Zoom inclusive of all state and federal application fees. Registered Agent fee of $159.00 totaling $1,006.95.

The three-fold ministries are:

  1. The Mission Project focused on sharing the timeless message of the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching conferences, distribution of Bibles and related Christian literature, Bible and Leadership training.
  2. The Extra Mile Project reaches out to children whose parents are incarcerated and are from disadvantaged homes.
  3. The Crossroad Project offers support services to people dealing with hopelessness and addictions.


A total budget of $8,000.00 was made for the year 2020. A total sum of $6,599.95 was spent on ministry activities. A total of $6,849.95 was donated to the Ministry. The total budget shortfall is $1,250.05. The breakdown of the expenditure is captured under ministry activities.


The Mission Project

In January of 2020, LifeHouse Ministries supported the take-off of Harel Leadership and Bible Institute in Accra, Ghana for the sound training of Christian Leaders and Workers with the sum of $3,000.00 including a wire transfer fee of $35.00 totaling $3,35.00. In December of 2020, LifeHouse Ministries purchased, shipped and distributed as requested 24 giant print King James Version Bibles and 2 King James Version Study Bibles totaling 26 Bibles to Ebere Christian Center Mission Field in Edo State, Nigeria with the sum of $500 including a wire transfer fee of $45.00 totaling $545.00 .A military family were given 4 Bibles costing $30.57 in the United States bringing the total of Bibles distributed to 30 Bibles in the year 2020. A total sum of $3,580.00 was spent for the Mission Project.

The Extra Mile Project

A total sum of $302.58 was spent on the Extra Mile Project mainly due to the shortfall in our budget and safety precautions put in place restricting the categories of gifts this year. LifeHouse Ministries reached out to children whose parents are incarcerated and from disadvantaged homes in the following ways.

  1. Birthday Cards – $53.17
  2. Mailing of Birthday Cards – $55.00
  3. Childrens Books – $24.18
  4. 14 Stuffed large Animals – $63.14
  5. Christian Stickers placed stuffed animals – $10.49
  6. Purchase 4 Board Games – $31.60
  7. Donated 4 Board Games – $25.00
  8. Donated postage to Apple Tree Project – $40.00

The Crossroad Project

The sum total of $45.00 was spent on encouraging Facebook advertorials. Prayers and Pro bono life coaching services will continue to be offered remotely by LifeHouse Ministries in keeping with our safety measures for all. We reached out mostly through our weekly podcast, Conversations@Crossroad on Anchor F.M. The opportunity to sign up for the free life coaching services will continue all through the year 2021.


A total sum of $1,243.99 was paid for the ministry website design and upgrade.

Administrative and Office Supplies

The sum total of $ 421.43 was spent for administrative purposes and office supplies.

  1. Post Office Box fee – $ 148.00
  2. Ministry Logo on – $50.00
  3. Receipt Storage box – $8.39
  4. Binding  Articles of Incorporation – $4.43
  5. Scanning of Notarized Document – $5.27
  6. Copy Paper – $3.97
  7. Pad for Mileage Record – $4.88
  8. Weekly Bookkeeping Book – $19.99
  9. 3 Black and 1 color Ink Cartridges – $100.90
  10. 10 Gospel Cd’s for Ministry Christmas Gifts from Vertical Connection Ministries – $50.00
  11. 12 pack Christmas Handmade Cards – $3.00
  12. Donated 12 pack Christmas Handmade Cards – $3.00
  13. Mailing of  Ministry Christmas Cards and gifts – $19.60

We are thankful to God for every provision and your support this year and look forward to carrying out more ministry activities in the year 2021. Please find attached on the following pages, photos of distributed Bibles, Books, Board games and Stuffed Animals this year for both the Mission Project and the Extra Mile Project. Thank you for your continued prayers, support and partnership with us in obedience to the great commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In His Service,
Michael and Christine Legg