Dear Donor, Supporter and Prayer Partner,
We always look forward to the opportunity at the end of each year to present a report of our stewardship in the work of the ministry.
The three-fold ministries of LifeHouse are:
1.The Mission Project focused on sharing the timeless message of the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching conferences, distribution of Bibles and related Christian literature, Bible and Leadership training.
2.The Extra Mile Project reaches out to children whose parents are incarcerated and those from disadvantaged homes.
3.The Crossroad Project offers support services to people dealing with hopelessness and addictions.

A total budget of $8,500.00 was made for the year 2021. A total sum of $5,011.67 was raised in donations. The total budget shortfall is $3,488.33. The breakdown of the expenditure is captured under ministry activities.

The Mission Project-In September 2021, LifeHouse supported by Sage International sent the sum of $2,000.00 including a wire transfer fee of $45.00 totaling $2,045.00 to Missionary Alliance For Africa (MAFA) for the purchase and distribution of Hausa/Fulani audio and printed Bibles in North Central Nigeria. A total of over 500 audio and print Bibles were distributed to displaced Christians, Muslim coverts, and missionaries at discipleship programs and at the North Central Conference comprising 6 states for missionaries. The literacy program was also enhanced by the donation. The budget for the Mission Project was met in 2021.
The Extra Mile Project-A total sum of $1,157.02 was spent on the Extra Mile Project in 2021 with donations of gifts worth $1,500 which greatly helped to exceed the budget.

  1. Birthday Cards-$40.00
  2. Mailing of Birthday Cards-$28.45
    3.Summer Activity/Distribution of School Supplies-In August 2021 the limited summer activity for children was held at the picnic shelter of the First Church of the Brethren. A total of 25 children were given various school supplies, masks, hand sanitizers and snacks at the total cost of $400.20.
  3. In December, A total of 78 children benefited from the Christmas distribution of gifts from their wish list which included 3 bicycles to vulnerable children who had never owned a bicycle. A highchair and some winter clothes were also donated to a 7 month old boy among the wide ranging gifts that were shipped out. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of James Madison University and the First Church of the Brethren in Harrisonburg.
    Gifts worth $1,500 were donated with a combined shipping cost of $553.00. In addition, LifeHouse bought gifts worth $135.37.
    The Crossroad Project-The sum total of $24.69 was spent on encouraging Facebook advertorials. We reached out mostly through our weekly podcast, Conversations@Crossroad on Anchor F.M. The opportunity to sign up for the free life coaching services continued all through the year 2021.

A total sum of $531.20 was paid for the ministry website hosting and maintenance.

Administrative Cost and Office Supplies
The sum total of $ 682.54 was spent for administrative purposes and office supplies.

  1. Post Office Box fee-$ 188.00
  2. Bank Fees- $108.00
  3. Registered Agent-$74.00
  4. State Corporation Commission-$25.00
  5. 4 Black and 2 color Ink Cartridges-$156.00
  6. Hp Copy and Print-$35.72
  7. Business Cards-$95.82

In 2021, Soul Songs was self-published to reach out and to encourage people with 10% of the sales dedicated to the Extra Mile Project. Soul Songs is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.
Soul Songs Books for Gifts to Board of Directors, Donors, and Some Pastors-$129.58
Soul Songs mailing to Dublin Ireland, Accra Ghana, and Johannesburg South Africa-$116.06.
There was a balance of $325.57 as of December 31st, 2021.
We are thankful to God for every provision and your support in 2021 as we look forward to carrying out more ministry activities in the year 2022 with a budget of $8,500. Please find attached on the following pages, some photos of distributed Bibles from the Mission Project outreach and the wide ranging gifts and school supplies from Extra Mile Project.
Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and partnership with us in obedience to the great commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In His Service
Michael and Christine Legg

The Missions Project-Conference for Indigenous Missionaries 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Back to School Supplies 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Back to School Supplies 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Back to School Supplies 2021
The Extra Mile Project 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Christmas 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Christmas 2021
The Extra Mile Project-Christmas 2021