In our journey of life, we all come to a crossroads sooner or later. In seeking for the true meaning
of life and our purpose for living, we want to know why we are here and what we are supposed
to be doing. Most times, life has more questions than answers and some answers lead to more
questions. In Jesus Christ, we can find meaning and purpose that we all yearn for within us.
The pertinent question for most of us is what path to follow to fully enjoy love, fulfillment, peace
and joy that gives meaning to our lives. We want to love and be loved in return. The inner
yearnings of our hearts are to be truly seen, heard and valued as we were created to be. We are
all connected through our shared emotions, similar experiences, longings and needs.
We are created to relate to one another and to be divinely connected to our creator who has a
master plan and manual for life and living. Our lives become empty, and our hearts are left with
a void when we are disconnected. God loves us and wants us to be deeply rooted in His love and
word as we go through the twists and turns of life.
We are not alone even when we feel alone! God in His unfailing love has given us Jesus Christ
through whom we receive the forgiveness of our sins. It does not matter how far we have gone
and how many mistakes we have made. Jesus has paid the price in full once and for all so we can
come to Him just as we are to be transformed and renewed each day.
We are only qualified by God’s grace and truly transformed by His unfailing love and word. All
you need to do is to confess Jesus as your Savior and Lord right where you are by believing in
your heart. Fellowship with other believers in a church that believes, teaches and upholds God’s
word (The Bible) in entirety will nourish and strengthen you in your new life with Jesus Christ.
Romans 10:9-11, Hebrews 10:25.
God loves and sees you! We are praying for you!