In Times Like These... 

By Resources for Life, Soul Songs

We live in a time where events that impact or drastically change lives are unfolding in rapid successions.  The disruption of our daily activities at the height of the pandemic came with a vital life lesson for every one of us. For instance, we learned that our human connections through work, meeting to worship together, spending time with family members, friends and coworkers were more essential to our overall spiritual and mental wellbeing much more than we thought.  In the light of this simple and timeless truth, we cannot afford to take anything or anyone for granted if we have…

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Soul Songs Now Out in Book Stores!

By Mission Project, Soul Songs
The journey of life comes with twists and turns. You are not alone! We are all connected through our shared experiences and emotions. We are united in our common need for hope and faith. Life is meant to be shared and to build a sound support system. The journey of life is not meant to be in isolation because life is more meaningful in a shared journey. Get your copy today and let's connect connect today through Soul Songs! Available online at Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and Kindle.
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