Board of Directors

Michael Legg

Michael Serves as the President on the board of LifeHouse Ministries. He believes God gives second chances in practical Christianity that brings about a transformation that cannot be denied. He is committed to bringing the blessed hope of Jesus Christ to the hopeless, praying and giving practical steps to overcoming the bondage of addictions.
Michael reads the Bible on Anchor FM. Scriptures@Crossroads is also available on other podcast platforms.

Board Member: Michael Legg
Board Member: Jeff Borden

Jeff Borden

Jeff and his family served in South Africa for seven years training national church leaders at Rusitu Bible College in rural Zimbabwe and the Bible Institute in Cape Town, South Africa. He also partnered to start the Guguletu Bible College in Cape Town. Rev. Borden is  passionate about teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. He recently served as the Director of African teaching Africans training indigenous church leaders in 18 African countries. He is currently the Curriculum Director for Africa and a teacher with Sage International, a ministry dedicated to developing Leadership for the International Church.

Pat Crouse

Pat has forty years experience in office and Christian Ministry. She is passionate about reaching out to people who are incarcerated and their families. She also serves on the board of Kingsway Prison and family Outreach.

Board Member: Pat Crouse

Christine Legg

LifeHouse Ministries is a response to God’s call on Christine’s life several years ago to a life of preaching, teaching His Word and serving His people with Joy!
Christine is passionate about the practical application of God’s Word in day to day living. She writes on the God experience and life experiences that connects people. Christine has served in mission fields, taught at Bible Schools and has hosted Pastor Conferences. She is also an author and speaks at conferences.
Christine hosts Heart to Heart, a weekly podcast on Anchor FM available on other podcast platforms and Unscripted on YouTube. Christine is an ordained minister of the gospel, a teacher of God’s Word, a life coach and a volunteer court appointed advocate for children.