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 Meet the McIlvaines  ...                      
Jim and Millie McIlvaine currently work full time in the health care professions of Radiology and Cardiology as Technologists. Their careers span 30 years of dedication to their vocation. In 1996, the couple began taking short term medical missionary trips. They traveled separately as well as together from pathetic run state orphanages in Ukraine to isolated hurricane ravaged villages in Honduras. Their experiences were life changing and the couple quickly realized the desperate need for long term, ongoing relief to impoverished areas of the world.

" Millie and I observed that during the time our team was living and working in the cities and villages, there was a short-term increase in prosperity. We paid the nationals to translate, gave them medical and dental attention, and left the majority of our belongings and finances to them upon our departure. We knew however, that those supplies would quickly run out and their life would return to the previous level of poverty."

From their desire to help and obedience to what they believed God had called them to do, Life House Ministries was formed. Making local contacts in churches and the medical community, Jim and Millie began to establish a networking process with Pastors and Physicians both locally and abroad. Once in place, the couple began to collect, pack, and ship medical and humanitarian aid to the designated country. 

Life House Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Christian charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service and incorporated in the State of Florida. 

"Jim and I had an intense desire to help, which God answered when He called us into this work. As soon as we told God we would obey His will, He providing everything we needed to get started, and is still providing as this ministry grows. "

Jim and Millie have formed two partnerships in Ukraine. The first partnership is with "The Father's Home Church" in Kiev, Ukraine and Pastor Valentina Schevchenko. The church, under her direction, has used the supplies to meet the needs of its members and is now reaching out into the community through " mission projects. " A local nursing home and the Social Services Department in the Moscow region of Kiev are being helped with medical supplies, uniforms, winter clothing and shoes. 

The second partnership is with a medical charity in Kiev, Ukraine called " The Road to Life." This charity operates under the medical direction of Dr. Slava Velychko, who is a trauma surgeon at the Regional Trauma Hospital in Kiev. Dr. Velychko receives the shipment of medicine and medical supplies and oversees the distribution. The charity is set up to help the indigent population with emergency medical support. All medicine and medical supplies are freely given to those who would otherwise go without medical intervention due to lack of funds. 

Life House Ministries has also formed a partnership with two local medical missionaries, Barry and Dottie LaLonde, to the Dominican Republic. Life House Ministries donates medical supplies to fill their container, which is then shipped to an impoverished, wound care clinic in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Pablo Santana pastors the " Iglesia Pentecostal Christiana " Church in Montecristi. Dr. Arturo Aquino is one of the medical directors at the Padre Fantino Hospital, and together they oversee the distribution of medical supplies to the poor and needy. 

" The vision that God has given us reaches beyond the countries of Ukraine and the Dominican Republic into 6 other nations, Haiti, Philippians, Brazil, China, England and Sweden. 

Jesus came to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and the afflicted. He came to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to open the eyes of the blind. He also came to grant joy to those who cry, to give them beauty for ashes, laughter for tears, praise instead of depression, and to put them in right standing with God, planted in righteousness, that He might be glorified."

Jim and Millie are internationally forming partnerships through relationships.

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